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Quality Guarantee

Money returned or product / item conversion can be made if the buyer is not satisfied with the product / item received due to our quality negligence

(need proof of product image / item received and purchase receipt).

Quality Guarantee Terms

Quality guarantee will expire if there is no feedback within three (3) days after the product is received, If exceeded within three (3) days, the product can not be changed or returned, we will recognize the date the product was received through tracking number.

The money process is returned or the conversion will be made after the product / item is received back by us, you will be informed once the process is successful.


Provide details as follows: -

Your name:

Your place / state name:

Your business phone name:


Your complaint:


Bad item type and picture and purchase receipt.


Send to Pn. Najmiyah - 0195678687

(phone number as on purchase receipt)


Wait for response Pn. Najmiyah (9am - 5pm).