Every purchase on the website must understand the terms and conditions of purchase before payment is made.
  1.   After product selection is made, the customer will need to fill out the information and make payment according to the payment method provided.
  1.   If the payment fails, the order is considered null and void.
  1.   No refunds for those who canceled the order after payment was made.
  1.   The exchange of products / orders at the last minute after the packaging is made is not entertained.
  1.   Shipping will only be made after the payment has been confirmed (transfer from other bank accrues takes 1-3 working days to be verified / credited by the bank).
  1.   All terms and conditions are subject to amendment and may be changed from time to time without notice to the customer.
  1.   We assume that the customer has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions before placing orders / purchases / payments.
  1.   Customers are asked to review these Terms & Conditions from time to time calculated accordingly.