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Tongkat Ali Kuning

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Scientific Name : Euryc...

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Scientific Name : Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

Another Name : Pasak Bumi, Hempedu Pahit, Bedara Putih, Bedara Merah

Information About Tongkat Ali 

Tongkat Ali Kuning is a "King" recovering energy and health supplements all over the world,but need to see the condition Tongkat Ali can be made"King".

As is well known Tongkat Ali from the northern peninsula is more POWER and more effective for traditional herbal herbs and it has been confirmed by traditional medicine specialists.
We only use mature Tongkat Ali aged 50 years and above,

Our Tongkat Ali distributions are available from selected mountain forests not from farmsnon-toxic and highly effective to be used as a "King" of medicinal herbs



Tongkat Ali 
-Ubi Jaga
-Gajah beranak
-Selayar Hitam
-Pokok Teruna

 Get expert advice  traditional medicine or wood root researchers if they want to mix their own products, because each percentage (%) of mixed ingredients has different nutrients and risks to consumer